sample of our Pre-Ride mapping

Not all  locations will be on actual ride

2020 Ride highlights

Check out this great video

Last minute updates

Last minute updates : 

Weather is looking good for the ride -  Sunny skis for both days 

the volume of water is not an issue for this ride,  any creek crossing  over 2 ' deep will be bypassed

There will be a separate roll chart for Sunday for those that don't want to ride "GA clay" in Durhamtown.  More fast dirt roads - can you tell  we like 5th gear wide open ?  

The Event is Rain or Shine  

We have not hit the rider limit - walk-in's  will be welcome - register online is preferred 

Join us for fireworks  Saturday night  ( professional grade )


EVENT BASE CAMP will be at  "Mike's House"  cabin site    

Registration will be at  our base camp Friday  4-6 pm  and  7 am on Saturday  morning  

Looks like the night ride is being planned for Sat night - 6pm there will  be a few bikes with LARGE LED lights mounted for the ride.  It is safe and fun -- join in if you have never done one before. 




We have not meet the maximum rider count yet  --  Online  registration is available 

                             walk-ins will be welcome 

Pre-register by Dec 31st 2019  for a free t-shirt 

extra t-shirts won't be avail for walk-in


Scull Shoal Dual Sport Ride


The Most Amazing Dual Sport ride in Georgia

Scull Shoals Dual Sport has developed the best possible on/off road Dual Sport routes you can ride in  middle Georgia. Our objective is to offer the most versatile Dual Sport riding in the whole state of Georgia. Most of our routes are between 70-80% dirt roads with creek crossings, beautiful swamps, and very famous historic landmark stops. Very little gravel, mostly hard packed dirt/clay roads. All roads are Adventure Bike friendly.  With trails,  jumps, hill climbs, and single track in Durhamtown Off Road Resort this give each individual rider an option to add a little or a lot more challenge to your adventure. 

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Georgia adventure ride  bike dirt off road

Where We Ride

Greensboro , Oglethorpe ,  Taliaferro County roads

Oconee National Forest 

The ride includes public paved and dirt forest service roads, and every motorcycle must be tagged and insured. 

The night ride is optional   

Special Thanks :


Friends of Scull Shoals Historic Site

Durhamtown Off Road Resort

Atlanta Adventure Riders

US Dual Sport

Ga Dual Sport Riders

 Family Riders Motorcycle Club


Why We Do It


Friends - Family - Comradely

 We ride dual sport motorcycles and share a passion for getting off the asphalt and hitting the back roads! Any and all types of dual sport riders and skill levels are welcome. If you love to ride both off- and on-road and share a passion for the great outdoors, this ride is for you!

This ride is for fun and not to compete, show off, or intimidate new riders. but everyone is always free to ride at their own pace 


FEB 22 & 23 2020

Scull Shoals Dual sport

All day

Greene County, Ga & Durhamtowm off road park

Event Details

FEB 22 & 23 2020

Scull Shoals Dual sport


We will be doing the dirt road riding on Saturday 

and on your own for a fun day at DT on Sunday 

We have put together a 2nd day road ride fo...

Event Details

All day

Greene County, Ga & Durhamtowm off road park

Scull Shoals DS 2019

All day

Durhamtowm off road park

Event Details

Scull Shoals DS 2019

You may have missed this this one so - 

Register for the upcoming ride in Feb 

All day

Durhamtowm off road park

Scull Shoals Dual Sport


Team leaders

Our Team Leaders are very experienced Riders that are very well trained.  

Have ridden dozens of other DS rides around the country, It's time we put on the best in Georgia . We will communicate with riders to insure everyone is in their comfort zone.  

Self Guided

 Since the weather is unpredictable -- Yep  

Stay tuned to the website for updates or call for more information 

This is a self guided ride you will receive a roll Chart.   A holder is required (not provided)  

The  Riders Meeting is required for important information

 and coordination about our routes. 

Disclaimer - The county roads (dirt & pavement) portion has no "technical " riding just local (at least 80%) dirt roads and good scenery 

You will stop at the Scull Shoals historical site with tour guides available.  

You will also stop at the  Kettle Creek Battlefield   (lots to see) 

The 2nd day of county roads hear about that at the safety mtg  



We will be offering many nice giveaways at the event. (maybe)

Bring your extra parts to giveaway  - no flat tires 

Camping / Meals

PLEASE CALL Durhamtown for Reservations  


" C-sites " are closest to base camp for electric hook-ups 



RV full Hookups   

Primitive Camping 

Small Campers 


Hot Showers, Pavilion

Restaurant on site. *** Pay your own way ***

No food or drinks will be provided - 

A local Bed n Breakfast in Maxey, Ga


Registration is $100  

*You must sign a waiver and attend to our riders meeting before you ride. 

*Everyone will be issued an arm band at registration  

*We are limiting this ride to the first 1500 to register -  

* online registration is open -  


thank you for your patience

All  our past events have not sold out.


We will be doing the dirt road riding on Saturday 

and on your own for a fun day at DT on Sunday 

We have put together a 2nd day road ride for those that 

prefer the scenery over the mud fun park

Saturday:  7:00 am - Registration open

Saturday:                  - come to riders mtg dressed w bike

Saturday:  8:30am - Riders Meeting

Saturday:  9:00am - Kick Stands up  

Saturday:  6:00pm - Guided Night Ride - optional 

Saturday:  8:00pm - Fireworks at Durhamtown 

Sunday:    8:00am -  

Sunday:    8:45am -  Riders Meeting  

Sunday:    9:00am - kick stands up 



thank you for your patience we promise a great adventure 

I still have a question

Q)      Is this a ride for my KTM300 (plated) or my DR650?

A)      Well - its both.
It's intended to do either.
The scull shoals dualsport is 100+ miles of mostly dirt roads.
Could be tedious on 2 stroke but,
I have done similar dual sports on my plates 2 strokes numerous times so, depends on you and your bike setup.
DR/KLR best for dirt roads - dot knobbies
Durhamtown is off road park - either/both bikes.
Night ride is either bike.
We will have access to ride jeep park in the daytime to become familiar with the trail prior to night riding.
Yeah come on.
it's two full days of both/each/both.
Bring both. 

Q)     Is there food outside of Durhamtown, 

A)      yes - the Union Point  Grocery and Deli // Lamb Ave aka:hwy 278 , east of hwy 77  ( it has the "best breakfast biscuits in town")

Q)     Is this ride AMA Sanctioned

A)      Yes   

Q)  is primitive camping  available 

A)  yes , contact Durhamtowm for more information        706-622-4108 

Q) is there race gas available ?

A) Yes,  Durhamtown has at least 6 different flavors and also has Non-Ethanol and regular unleaded gas. 

Q) Directions to Durhamtown 

A)   GPS Coordinates:

N33 40.333 W82 59.894


They will lead you in directions unknown to man 

Q) what is the cancellation policy 

A) there are no refunds BUT you can sell your ticket to another rider - just send an email to Admin with the new riders name and phone number  

Q) I am coming by myself, can i ride with someone else ?

A) Yes,  at the riders mtg there will be a few 'solo' riders that get matched up 

Q) where can i get a roll chart holder ?  

A)  Cyclegear or other online resellers 

Q) a lot of locals are asking , does the ride start n stop at the DT

A) Yes,   This is a regional ride and we have riders coming from 6+ states , because the weather is going to be awesome walk-on registration will be hectic.  get there early


2020 flyer

Files coming soon.



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